Our Process: How CAD Block & Stone Builds Quality Masonry

From Demolition to Meticulous Installation

Once you fill out our online quote request we will be able to reach out to you directly with an approximate of how much your job is going to cost. Once you’re ready to move forward we will meet at the property to make sure all the measurements are correct and sign a contract.

Then Cad will then order Blue Stake. A free service through www.arizona811.com which will come out and mark the underground utilities ( electric, gas, communication – cable & phone, water and sewer). We want to make sure we don’t damage anything underground that we can’t see.

After that we will start demolition of existing wood fencing where we will take down and haul away the old fence to make way for the new one.

Next up is the footing which is the most important part of your wall as it’s the foundation that the wall sits on. We make sure the foundation is strong so that your wall will stand the test of time.  We dig the footings with either a ditch witch or a backhoe depending on space. Horizontal rebar is laid in the center of the new footing and 6’ to 9’ vertical rebar #4 Grade is then placed in all the columns of the wall.

Once footings are dug and we pour the concrete we will wait 24 hours for the concrete to harden and cure. After that we will start the process of putting up the wall. We are very meticulous with our installation and make sure the wall is level and straight. Horizontal Ladder Wire is then installed horizontally every 16”. Ladder wire is an important part of the wall support system as is reinforces the concrete block wall by binding them together.  The columns in the wall are grouted solid.

Once wall is installed and grouted we have a couple different options for gates that we offer for our customers. Standard with wood slats, Pro with composite slats, and Custom. You can chose if you want an RV gate or just standard walkthrough gate. Our experienced team will make sure to go through each option for you to make sure you get exactly what you are wanting to fully secure your backyard.

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