Masonry Services for Block Walls, Gates, and Repairs in Mesa, AZ

Expert Retaining Walls, Perimeter Fencing & Block Walls

Whether you have 20 feet of wall or 2000 feet of wall we treat every job as if it’s our own house/property that we are working on. The standard residential block fence is 6 feet, or 9 courses high and for our commercial customers we offer a wide range of options including retaining walls, trash enclosures, and perimeter walls.

For a typical wall from start to finish usually takes around 3 days to complete. Day one of demo and digging the footings, day two of laying down the rebar and pouring the footings, and the last day putting up the wall and grouting it.

Standard Residential Block Fence

10 Course High 6” Residential Block Fence


Retaining Walls




Hopefully you never have to have any repair work done to your block wall but in life things happen. Most commonly is someone backing into the wall or we know here in AZ we get monsoon’s every year and that sometimes means trees fall over and sometimes take out your wall. Don’t worry we wont have to completely redo the whole wall we can repair just the section that was damaged.

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