Comprehensive Temporary Fencing Solutions

Secure Your Site with Reliable Temporary Fencing

Unsecured sites create conditions for accidents and unauthorized activities. The potential for serious injury from falling into excavations, being struck by moving construction equipment, or tripping over loose electrical cables is significant. Additionally, construction materials and equipment are at higher risk of theft or vandalism when left unsecured. CAD Block and Stone provides robust temporary fencing solutions, effectively enclosing the area and deterring unauthorized access. Our fencing services act as a proactive measure to reduce these risks.

temporary fencing installation

Flexible Temporary Fencing Options

We offer temporary, semi-permanent, and permanent fences in all heights and for all fenced perimeters. Whether you need smaller barricades, hallways, or point-to-point fences, we have a solution that fits your needs. Our temporary fence designs include:

  • Fixed Panels and Sections: Easy to install and remove, ideal for short-term projects.
  • Posts and Rolls: Flexible and customizable for various site requirements.
  • Semi-Permanent Installations: In-ground posts and water-filled barricades for more stability and extended use.

High-Quality Temporary Fence Materials

Our temporary fence materials are chosen for durability and effectiveness. We offer:

  • Galvanized Chain Link Fence: Strong and weather-resistant.
  • Brightly-Painted Powder Coated Steel: Highly visible and durable.
  • PVC and Plastics: Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Wood: Natural and aesthetically pleasing options.

Additional Uses for Temporary Fencing

While the construction industry is our primary market, our temporary fencing solutions are versatile and can benefit a variety of clients:

  • Event Crowd Control: Manage crowds and direct foot traffic during concerts, fairs, and sports events.
  • Temporary Animal Enclosures: Create safe enclosures for animals during outdoor events or for rotational grazing on farms.
  • Outdoor Retail Spaces: Delineate retail spaces and secure merchandise during outdoor sales or seasonal markets.
  • Material Storage: Protect tools and materials from theft by enclosing storage areas.
  • Traffic Control: Redirect vehicle and pedestrian traffic during road construction projects.
  • Natural Hazards: Mark hazards such as sinkholes and falling rock areas to ensure public safety.

Choose CAD Block and Stone for your temporary fencing needs and ensure the security and organization of your site or event. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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